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Hand-crafted, single-origin, organic coffee and espresso drinks.

Our Coffee is our Art.

Come try one of our traditional Champurrados or enjoy a tasty snack. We treat all of our creations like art. Our unique blends come from many traditions in Latin America. You don’t have to travel far to sample and enjoy!

Our Home is your Home.

Our shop is more than a coffee house. We are building community. Art, music, and coffee combined together in a great place to relax, socialize, or work. Check out our event calendar to see what is coming up!

The Coffee

All of our coffee is single-origin and organic. We specifically select the best beans and roast to create the perfect coffee beverages. All our drinks are perfectly balanced to enjoy the quality that comes with our beans.

Each week, we offer coffee from different countries, creating a unique experience that will give any of our guests the chance to become an expert coffee taster.

Authentic Beverages

Universal Coffee offers a wide variety of beverages from Latinx culture. Champurrados and Atoles very popular among our clients.

The Atole originates with the Aztecs. This civilization took advantage of their corn that was cultivated to prepare all kinds of drinks and foods. It was used as a sacred drink in rituals and ceremonies. For the Champurrado, the Aztecs used to add cacao beans, since at that time they had no discovered sugar. This drink spread throughout much of Central America because of its sweet and energetic flavor.

We create unique tastes and fixes from these drinks such as the champurrado coffee and the Maria coffee atole. These two beverages are the most popular with our guests!

Our Specialties:

Meet the family:




Juan is a young man residing in Albany since 2006. He graduated from South Albany High School in 2009. Juan is from Oaxaca, a state located in the southern part of Mexico. Juan found his passion in coffee, when his friend Alexander ask him to be part of a project he was working on. That project was a coffee shop, a project he was interested in and eager to learn more about it.

Since then, He has been preparing himself to become a professional barista and taking courses to know more about coffee and how it should taste. By preparing himself he will be able to share all his knowledge with his customers and educate them on how a good cup of coffee should be and taste.

Juan enjoys every second of its time in the coffee shop. He also knows that this is just the beginning of the project. A project that in the future will expand and the goal is to make it happen.

During his free time, Juan enjoys his life exploring the outdoors of this beautiful state of Oregon. He loves to go hiking, spend time with his brother, friends and family.




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Come Visit!

Universal Coffee is located in Carriage House Plaza (1157 Santiam RD SE Albany, OR), a very special place in the SE of Albany. It is located in the center of the shopping area and downtown, very close to the bike path and hiking that borders the wonderful Willamette River. Excellent opportunity to walk the dog or ride your bike, and then enjoy a real Latin American-style coffee.

Universal Coffee: Organic, single-origin, hand-crafted coffee for our community.


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7:00 am – 5:00 pm


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